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Flo is not quite a normal teenager: While all his friends only think about sex he can't even pronounce the word "S - E - X". But everything changes completely when one morning Flo wakes up from a strange call. His penis, excited for the first time, begins to talk to him. He claims that Flo severely neglected him for 15 years and it's time to release him.

Title:Harte Jungs
Release Date:2000-03-29
Production Countries:Germany,
Production Co.:ARD Constantin Film
Genres:Comedy, Romance,
Casts:Tobias Schenke, Axel Stein, Luise Helm, Mina Tander, Sissi Perlinger, Andrea Sawatzki, Tina Ruland, Björn Kirschniok, Nicky Kantor, Tom Lass, Sascha Heymans, Stefan Jürgens, Christian Schneller, Ludger Burmann, Katharina Blaschke, Andreja Schneider, Ute Maria Lerner, Sigi Siegert, Heide Ackermann, Herman van Ulzen, Alice Franz, Richard Beek, Cornelia De Pablos, Joseph Hannesschläger, Claudia Gerhardt, Henning Hoffsten, André Emanuel Kaminski, Isabella Jantz, Thomas Schröder, Binh Le, Cyrill Geffcken, Sven Landsmann, Annabel Faber, Helmut Binder, Marc Stachel, Vivian Kanner, Ilona Grandke,
Plot Keywords:puberty, first time, teenage crush, teenage sexuality, sex comedy,
Alternative Titles:
Just the Two of Us
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