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In the class-obsessed and religiously divided UK of the early 1920s, two determined young runners train for the 1924 Paris Olympics. Eric Liddell, a devout Christian born to Scottish missionaries in China, sees running as part of his worship of God's glory and refuses to train or compete on the Sabbath. Harold Abrahams overcomes anti-Semitism and class bias, but neglects his beloved sweetheart in his single-minded quest.

Title:Chariots of Fire
Release Date:1981-05-15
Production Countries:United Kingdom,
Production Co.:The Ladd Company Enigma Productions Allied Stars, Ltd. Warner Bros. Pictures
Genres:Drama, History,
Casts:Ben Cross, Ian Charleson, Cheryl Campbell, Alice Krige, Nigel Havers, Ian Holm, Nicholas Farrell, Daniel Gerroll, John Gielgud, Lindsay Anderson, Nigel Davenport, Dennis Christopher, Brad Davis, Patrick Magee, Peter Egan, Struan Rodger, David Yelland, Richard Griffiths, Patrick Doyle, John Young, Yvonne Gilan, David John, Benny Young, Yves Beneyton, Stephen Mallatratt, Gerry Slevin, Colin Bruce, Alan Polonsky, Edward Wiley, Jeremy Sinden, Andrew Hawkins, Jack Smethurst, Peter Cellier, Philip O'Brien, Ruby Wax, Ralph Lawton, Kim Clifford, John Rutland, Peter Jones, Michael Lonsdale, Ted Robbins, Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Fry,
Plot Keywords:underdog, scotland, missionary, jewry, patriotism, mayor, praline, olympic games, olympian sports team, ambition, sports, based on true story, athletics, olympic athlete, cambridge university,
Alternative Titles:
Carruagens de Fogo
Οι Δρόμοι της Φωτιάς
Carros de Fuego
불의 전차
Triumfens ögonblick
Carros de Fuego
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