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Grocery store clerk Simon occasionally sells drugs from his cash register at work, so when soap opera actors Adam and Zack come looking for Ecstasy on a quiet Christmas Eve, they are surprised to find Ronna covering his shift. Desperate for money, Ronna decides to become an impromptu drug dealer, unaware that Adam and Zack are secretly working for obsessed narcotics officer Burke.

Release Date:1999-04-09
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Columbia Pictures Banner Entertainment Saratoga Entertainment
Genres:Crime, Comedy, Thriller,
Casts:Sarah Polley, Timothy Olyphant, Katie Holmes, Desmond Askew, Jay Mohr, Scott Wolf, Taye Diggs, William Fichtner, Nathan Bexton, Breckin Meyer, James Duval, J.E. Freeman, Jimmy Shubert, Jane Krakowski, Melissa McCarthy, Robert Peters, Suzanne Krull, Jay Paulson, Katharine Towne, Nikki Fritz, Tane McClure, Courtland Mead, Josh Paddock, Manu Intiraymi, Natasha Melnick, Rita Bland, Jodi Bianca Wise, Tony Denman, Marisa Johnston, Willie Amakye, Scott Hass, Ken Kupstis, Shann Christen, Emmy Collins, Sean Everett, Walter Ludwig, Bob Pepper, Dana Schick, J. Karen Thomas, D. Danny Warhol, AlgeRita Wynn, Monique Yates Jr.,
Plot Keywords:ecstasy, drug dealer, rave, clubbing, marijuana, drug dealing, los angeles, california, las vegas, drugs, high, bisexual man, grocery store, multiple storylines, multiple perspectives, narcotics, christmas, famous actor, christmas eve,
Alternative Titles:
Go! - Sex, Drugs & Rave'n'Roll
La Vida sin Limites
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