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When the crew of an American tugboat boards an abandoned Russian research vessel, the alien life form aboard regards them as a virus which must be destroyed.

Release Date:1999-01-14
Production Countries:United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France,
Production Co.:Universal Pictures Mutual Film Company Dark Horse Entertainment Valhalla Motion Pictures Tele München Fernseh Produktionsgesellschaft (TMG) UGC PH BBC Film Marubeni TOHO-TOWA
Genres:Horror, Action, Science Fiction,
Casts:Jamie Lee Curtis, William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland, Joanna Pacula, Marshall Bell, Sherman Augustus, Cliff Curtis, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Levan Uchaneishvili, Yuri Chervotkin, Keith Flippen, Olga Rzhepetskaya-Retchin, David Eggby,
Plot Keywords:desertion, tornado, alien life-form, evil, insurance, virus,
Alternative Titles:
Virus (1999)
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