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Ryan Logan, a former Special Forces operative, is battling to cope with life after the loss of his wife. He is thrusted into the criminal underworld to keep his only son from being taken from him.

Release Date:2023-01-05
Production Countries:Australia,
Production Co.:Deeper Water Films Madman Entertainment Altitude Media
Genres:Crime, Thriller, Drama,
Casts:Sam Worthington, Matt Nable, Phoebe Tonkin, Edward Carmody, Susie Porter, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Sam Parsonson, Sam Cotton, George Houvardas, Damien Strouthos, Brad McMurray, Julian Maroun, Alex Malone, Trystan Go, Alison McGirr, Darius Williams, Mike Duncan, Gilbert Bradman, Rachel Biazzo, Ethan Puse, Christopher Stollery, Damian de Montemas, Jessica Napier, Aaron Nable,
Plot Keywords:loss of loved one, criminal underworld, special forces, coping mechanisms,
Alternative Titles:
Transfusion - A Father's Mission
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