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In 1947, four German judges who served on the bench during the Nazi regime face a military tribunal to answer charges of crimes against humanity. Chief Justice Haywood hears evidence and testimony not only from lead defendant Ernst Janning and his defense attorney Hans Rolfe, but also from the widow of a Nazi general, an idealistic U.S. Army captain and reluctant witness Irene Wallner.

Title:Judgment at Nuremberg
Release Date:1961-12-18
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:United Artists Roxlom Films
Genres:Drama, History, War,
Casts:Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Judy Garland, Montgomery Clift, William Shatner, Werner Klemperer, Kenneth MacKenna, Torben Meyer, Joseph Bernard, Alan Baxter, Edward Binns, Virginia Christine, Otto Waldis, Karl Swenson, Martin Brandt, Ray Teal, John Wengraf, Ben Wright, Howard Caine, Olga Fabian, Paul Busch, Bernard Kates, Bess Flowers, Frank Baker, Brandon Beach, Joseph Crehan, Sayre Dearing, Sam Harris, Shep Houghton, Reed Howes, William Meader, Colin Kenny, George Nardelli, Waclaw Rekwart, Jack Stoney, Oscar Beregi Jr., Norbert Schiller, Chet Brandenburg, Herman Hack, Sheila Bromley, Harold Miller, Hans Moebus, Ed Nelson, William H. O'Brien, Rudy Solari, Bert Stevens, Hal Taggart, Jana Taylor, Ralph Moratz, Tony Regan, Dick Cherney, Norman Stevans,
Plot Keywords:judge, concentration camp, world war ii, nazi, court case, national socialism, national socialist party, nuremberg trials, nuremberg, germany, right and justice, trial, courtroom drama,
Alternative Titles:
Vencedores o vencidos
Η δίκη της Νυρεμβέργης
Yom Ha-Dean B'Nirenberg
Judgement at Nuremberg
Oordeel te Neurenberg
Das Urteil von Nürnberg
Vincitori e vinti
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