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Story of two young people who belong to different worlds. It is the chronicle of a love improbable, almost impossible but inevitable dragging in a frantic journey they discover the first great love. Babi is a girl from upper-middle class that is educated in goodness and innocence . Hache is a rebellious boy, impulsive, unconscious, has a appetite for risk and danger embodied in endless fights and illegal motorbike races, the limit of common sense

Title:Tres metros sobre el cielo
Release Date:2010-12-03
Production Countries:Spain,
Production Co.:Atresmedia
Genres:Romance, Drama,
Casts:María Valverde, Mario Casas, Álvaro Cervantes, Marina Salas, Nerea Camacho, Cristina Plazas, Jordi Bosch, Joan Crosas, Diego Martín, Andrea Duro, Pablo Rivero, Cristina Dilla, Víctor Sevilla, Marcel Borràs, Pere Ventura, Àlex Maruny, Clara Segura, Henar Jiménez, Ricardo Mestres, Òscar Rabadán, Marta Martín, Francesc Reina,
Plot Keywords:rebel, based on novel or book, forbidden love, friendship, motorcycle crash, motor sport, street race, love, best friend, motorcycle, teenage love, first love, young love, illegal grand prix race, teen rebel, based on young adult novel,
Alternative Titles:
Three meters above the sky
3 metros sobre el cielo
3 Meter über dem Himmel
A felhők fölött 3 méterrel
Три метра над уровнем неба
Trois mètres au-dessus du ciel
3 Μέτρα πάνω απ'τον ουρανό
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