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The mayor of a small town hires a bounty hunter to find his daughter's killer, but it turns out to be a very dangerous job.

Title:Raw Justice
Release Date:1994-08-17
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:West Side Studios Winters Hollywood Entertainment Holdings Corporation
Genres:Thriller, Action,
Casts:Robert Hays, David Keith, Pamela Anderson, Leo Rossi, Stacy Keach, Ted Prior, Charles Napier, Javi Mulero, April Bogenschutz, Bernard Hocke, Marshall Russell, Jeanette Kontomitras, Larry McKinley, Hal Jeansonne, David Veca, Butch Robbins, Terrance Jenkins, Joe Warfield, Jerry Douglas Simms, Graham Timbes, John Nodar, Amy Greer, William Dixon, Aubrey Williams, Kathy Times, Michael Rice, Cynthia Poe, Art James, Bryant Grizzell, Robert K. Bvecker, Paul Tate, Dale Foster, Anthony Keirnan, Bruce Sandifer Sr., Bruce Sandifer Jr., Jim Provensal, Mark Russell, Robin Spriggs, Tony Wright, Robert Willoughby, Desirae Bohannon, Tracy Vickers, Diana Spain, Lynnette Perry, Susan Bernecker, David Murdock, Nicholas Kingston, Tony Arment, Krystof Kage,
Plot Keywords:prostitute, bounty hunter, mayor, blackmail, revenge, explosion,
Alternative Titles:
Pam XXX - Indagine ad alto rischio
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Soli contro il crimine
Strip Girl
Good Cop Bad Cop
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