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A rich American couple, a family of Dutch criminals, a French gay couple, a working class family from Germany and an illegal Moroccan youth and his kid brother, are all in Amsterdam, each with their own story. Different reasons make their paths intertwine, leading to a dramatic climax that changes their lives for ever.

Release Date:2009-05-10
Production Countries:Netherlands,
Production Co.:Palentino Media Lagestee Film
Casts:Ilias Addab, Katja Herbers, Aus Greidanus Jr., Ward Weemhoff, Renée Fokker, Omar Metwally, Marisa Tomei, Steven van Watermeulen, Warre Borgmans, Samuel Weiss, Marie Vinck, Hilde Van Mieghem, Hans Kesting, Mohamed Kafi, Mohamed Assouli, Noufissa Doukkali, Meryem El Allioui, Mimoun Oaïssa,
Plot Keywords:amsterdam, netherlands, adultery, loss of loved one, hotel room, new love, camping, ambition, girlfriend, caravan, police, love, car crash, money, stolen cars,
Alternative Titles:
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