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An aging gangster, Fernand Naudin is hoping for a quiet retirement when he suddenly inherits a fortune from an old friend, a former gangster supremo known as the Mexican. If he is ambivalent about his new found wealth, Fernand is positively nonplussed to discover that he has also inherited his benefactor’s daughter, Patricia. Unfortunately, not only does Fernand have to put up with the thoroughly modern Patricia and her nauseating boyfriend, but he also had to contend with the Mexican’s trigger-happy former employees, who are determined to make a claim.

Title:Les Tontons flingueurs
Release Date:1963-11-27
Production Countries:France, Germany, Italy,
Production Co.:Gaumont Corona Filmproduktion Ultra Film - Sicila Cinematografica
Genres:Action, Comedy, Crime,
Casts:Lino Ventura, Bernard Blier, Francis Blanche, Claude Rich, Pierre Bertin, Jean Lefebvre, Sabine Sinjen, Robert Dalban, Horst Frank, Venantino Venantini, Mac Ronay, Jacques Dumesnil, Paul Mercey, Dominique Davray, Henri Cogan, Philippe Castelli, Paul Meurisse, Charles Regnier, Yves Arcanel,
Plot Keywords:paris, france, bomb, slang, prostitute, alcohol, based on novel or book, hitman, gangster, debt, orphan, criminal underworld, wedding ceremony, gambling house, punch in face, distillery, pupil, french polar, hooch,
Alternative Titles:
In famiglia si spara
Gángster a la fuerza
Tios Metralha
Testamento de um Gângster
Le terminus des prétentieux
Monsieur Gangster
Crooks in Clover
Mein Onkel, der Gangster
Mi tío tira tiros
Стрелящи чичовци
Gángster a la fuerza
Monsieur Gangster
Lövöldöző taták
Onkel Gangster
Testament gangstera
Wujkowie zabijacy
Violência, dinamite e boas maneiras
Klädsel: vardagsdräkt med revolver
Tuffa killar med revolver
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