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United States President Lex Luthor uses the oncoming trajectory of a Kryptonite meteor to frame Superman and declare a $1 billion bounty on the heads of the Man of Steel and his ‘partner in crime’, Batman. Heroes and villains alike launch a relentless pursuit of Superman and Batman, who must unite—and recruit help—to try and stave off the action-packed onslaught, stop the meteor Luthors plot.

Title:Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Release Date:2009-09-29
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Warner Premiere Warner Bros. Animation DC Comics
Genres:Science Fiction, Animation, Action, Adventure, Family,
Casts:Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Clancy Brown, LeVar Burton, Xander Berkeley, Ricardo Chavira, John C. McGinley, CCH Pounder, Jennifer Hale, Allison Mack, Corey Burton, Calvin Tran, Mark Jonathan Davis, Brian George, Rachael MacFarlane, Alan Oppenheimer, Andrea Romano, Bruce Timm, Jonathan Adams, Michael Gough,
Plot Keywords:superhero, deception, murder, super power, superhuman strength, power girl, captain atom, abuse of power, meta human,
Alternative Titles:
Superman und Batman Public Enemies
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Superman & Batman - Inimigos Públicos
Superman and Batman - Public Enemies
Superman & Batman - Public Enemies
Superman/Batman: Enemigos Publicos
Superman y Batman: Enemigos Públicos
Superman/Batman: Enemigos Públicos
SupermanBatman Public Enemies
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