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Poena is Koning follows the sexual awakening of Poena Pieterse and his high school buddy Vaatjie, who have decided that they have to lose their virginity by the time they finish school. But they've picked the worst moment to embark on their sexual escapade – it's matric exam time and their quest results in major distractions from their studies. The consequences are dire.

Title:Poena Is Koning
Release Date:2007-09-20
Production Countries:South Africa,
Production Co.:Aardbol Films
Casts:Robbie Wessels, Gerhard Odendaal, Perlé van Schalkwyk, Willie Esterhuizen, Wim Beukes, Leandi Grobler, Izak Taljaart, Hammie Wessels, Lizz Meiring, Carien Botha, Ben Kruger , Anneri Wessels, Andrew Thompson, Dirk Stoltz, Melt Sieberhagen, Hugh Masebenza, Robin Smith,
Plot Keywords:south africa, johannesburg south africa, sexploitation, afrikaans, coming of age, sex comedy, gauteng,
Alternative Titles:
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