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Raymond is a jealous, misanthropic, couch potato. Angèle is a sexy TV star, childish and disillusioned. One Halloween, their mother, Solange, suddenly dies. Raymond calls his sister for the first time in 10 years. She agrees to meet him and begins to investigate their mother's death, all in keeping with her TV role of police commissioner. But nothing is simple with the Marchildons. Between a dithering Raymond, the ghost of Solange who continues to haunt her children, and Angèle who's going crazy interviewing suspects, one more bizarre than the next, and the bodies that are filling up the basement, it's hard to keep their love straight. But then, love was always a little twisted in the Marchildon household.

Release Date:2009-02-20
Production Countries:Canada,
Production Co.:6603301 Canada Zoofilms
Casts:Patrick Huard, Julie Le Breton, Sylvie Boucher, Christopher Heyerdahl, Patrice Robitaille, Gilles Renaud, Christian Bégin, Marie Brassard, Hugolin Chevrette, Marie-Josée Godin, Sharlene Royer, Sylvain Beauchamps, Peter Seaborn, Heidi Bureau, Emanuel Grenier-Benoït, Richard White, Pierre Noël, Claude Denomée, Patrick Melchor, François Lambert,
Plot Keywords:based on novel or book, dark comedy, cadaver,
Alternative Titles:
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