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Seventeen-year-old Shirley is a good student who works as a babysitter in order to make money for college. One night Michael, a father Shirley works for, confesses he's unhappy with married life. Shirley has a crush on Michael, and seizes this moment to kiss him. Michael is so happy he presents Shirley with a big tip, which gives her an idea. Shirley plans to make extra money by setting up her teenage friends with other unhappy fathers.

Title:The Babysitters
Release Date:2008-05-09
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Forensic Films Upload Films O.D.D. Entertainment Rebel Films
Casts:John Leguizamo, Katherine Waterston, Cynthia Nixon, Andy Comeau, Denis O'Hare, Lauren Birkell, Louisa Krause, Halley Wegryn Gross, Ann Dowd, Spencer Treat Clark, Jason Dubin, Ethan Phillips, Paul Borghese, Chira Cassel, Anthony Cirillo, Alexandra Daddario, Harold Fort, Alexie Gilmore, Michael Knowles, Adam LeFevre, Jake Melman, Sydney Melman, Sergio Mendoza Sr., Jansen Panettiere, Jay Patterson, Ali Phillips, Andi Potamkin, Bridget Regan, Jessica Sandler, Kim Shaw, Nancy St. Alban, Paul Woodburn, Michael Yavnielli, Brigitte Hagerman, Lara Theodos,
Plot Keywords:adultery, babysitter, cabin, daughter, high school, business idea, statutory rape, train, prostitution, older man younger woman relationship, drugs, teenage sexuality, unhappy marriage, 12345678,
Alternative Titles:
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