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Monsieur Bosquier, the owner of a private school, is far from pleased when his eldest son, Philippe, fails his end of year exams. He decides to send his wayward offspring to England to improve his English. In exchange, Philippe’s host, a wealthy whisky distiller, Mac Farrel, will send his daughter, Shirley, to live with the Bosquiers in France. However, Philippe has already decided to spend the summer holidays on a yacht with his friends, so he sends a fellow student, Michonnet, to England in his place. The deception is soon discovered but things go from bad to worse when Philippe and Shirley fall in love and fly to Scotland to get married...

Title:Les Grandes Vacances
Release Date:1967-12-01
Production Countries:France, Italy,
Production Co.:Les Films Copernic Kinowelt Filmproduktion Ascot Cineraid
Casts:Louis de Funès, Ferdy Mayne, Martine Kelly, François Leccia, Olivier de Funès, Claude Gensac, Maurice Risch, Jacques Dynam, Dominique Davray, Mario David, Jean St. Clair, Christiane Muller, Denise Provence, Françoise Girault, Silvia Dionisio, René Bouloc, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Jacques Dublin, Dominique Maurin, Guy Grosso, Carlo Nell, Daniel Bellus, Max Montavon, Robert Destain, Jacques Famery, Paul Faivre, Emile Prud'homme, Douglas Read, Colin Drake, Jean Droze, Mary Boduin, Barbara Sommers, Charles Lloyd Pack, Jean Falloux, Billy Kearns, Joachim Westhoff, Percival Russel, Brian Coburn, Henri Attal,
Plot Keywords:holiday, paris, france, scotland, seine, principal, barge, wedding plans, 1960s,
Alternative Titles:
The Great Vacation
Der Brausekopf mit den Sausebeinen
Οι ασύλληπτες διακοπές
Οι ασύλληπτες διακοπές του Λουί Ντε Φινές
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