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Gaullish custom requires that a would-be chief must challenge and defeat another to become the leader of two tribes. Vitalstatistix is not perturbed because of Getafix's magic potion. Getafix, however has an accident and forgets how to make it. Then Vitalstatistix is suddenly challenged.

Title:Astérix et le coup du menhir
Release Date:1989-10-04
Production Countries:France, Germany,
Production Co.:Gaumont Extrafilm StudioCanal
Genres:Family, Animation, Adventure, Comedy,
Casts:Roger Carel, Pierre Tornade, Henri Labussière, Julien Guiomar, Marie-Anne Chazel, Roger Lumont, Edgar Givry, Jean-Jacques Cramier, Henri Poirier, Jean-Claude Robbe, Gérard Croce, Patrick Préjean, Paul Bisciglia, Jeanine Forney, Paule Emanuele,
Plot Keywords:rome, italy, roman empire, amnesia, magic, roman, village, forest, assault, cartoon, druid, based on comic, historical fiction, soldier, warrior, 1st century,
Alternative Titles:
Astérix a velký boj
Asterix - Operation Bautasten
Asterix en de knallende ketel
Astérix y el golpe del menhir
Asterix & Obelix 6 - Asterix and the Big Fight
Asterix og Operasjon Bautastein
Asterix Operation Bautasten
Asterix - Bautastensmällen
Астерикс 6 - Астерикс и голямата битка
Asterix e o Golpe do Menir
Asteriks i Velika Bitka
אסטריקס והקרב הגדול
Asterix 6 - Asterix and the Big Fight
Astérix e a grande luta
Asterix och Bautastensmällen
Ο Αστερίξ και η μεγάλη μάχη
Asterix & Obelix - De Knallende Ketel
Asterix e la grande guerra
Astérix (6) et le coup du menhir
Asterix - Operation Hinkelstein
Wielka bitwa Asterixa
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