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The twelve-year-old Emil and his father are haunted by bad luck. To take a break from a series of family disasters, Emil is allowed to spend a few days with a friend of the family, the female priest Hummel in Berlin. In the train he runs across the slick Max Grundeis who anaesthetizes Emil and steals his savings of 1500 DM. When he finally arrives in Berlin, Emil and a gang of street kids, led by the cheeky girl Pony Hütchen, try to find the gangster, who haunts the posh Hotel Adlon as a hotel thief. Meanwhile, to prevent anyone from finding out about Emil's mishap, Gypsi, a member of the gang of kids, passes himself off as Emil, thus wreaking havoc on the home of the priest.

Title:Emil und die Detektive
Release Date:2001-02-22
Production Countries:Germany,
Production Co.:ZDF Bavaria Filmverleih- und Produktions GmbH Lunaris Film Odeon Film AG
Genres:Comedy, Family,
Casts:Tobias Retzlaff, Anja Sommavilla, Jürgen Vogel, Maria Schrader, Kai Wiesinger, Max Befort, Maurice Kumar, Sergej Moya, David Klock, Tobias Unkauf, Thando Walbaum, Rudolf Kowalski, Martin Feifel, Rufus Beck, Oscar Ortega Sánchez, Gruschenka Stevens, Horst Kotterba, Florian Lukas, Ludwig Trepte, Elke Czischek, Lulu Grimm, Gode Benedix, Marc Bennert, Thomas Bestvater, Frederike Euler, Cathlen Gawlich, Anne Ratte-Polle,
Plot Keywords:berlin, germany, piggy bank, stolen money, thief, gang, summer vacation, single father, unemployment, woman director,
Alternative Titles:
אמיל והבלשים
Emil und die Detektive
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