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In 1960, a hardy group of prep school students boards an old-fashioned sailing ship. With Capt. Christopher Sheldon at the helm, the oceangoing voyage is intended to teach the boys fortitude and discipline. But the youthful crew are about to get some unexpected instruction in survival when they get caught in the clutches of a white squall storm.

Title:White Squall
Release Date:1996-02-02
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Hollywood Pictures Largo Entertainment Scott Free Productions
Genres:Adventure, Action, Drama,
Casts:Jeff Bridges, Caroline Goodall, John Savage, Scott Wolf, Jeremy Sisto, Ryan Phillippe, David Lascher, Eric Michael Cole, Jason Marsden, David Selby, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Zeljko Ivanek, Balthazar Getty, Ethan Embry, Jordan Clarke, Lizbeth MacKay, Jill Larson, James Medina, James Rebhorn, Nicole Ann Samuel, Becky Ann Baker, Camilla Overbye Roos,
Plot Keywords:sailing trip, diary, sailing, survival, coming of age, teenage boy, discipline, squall, sail, caribbean sea, male bonding, seasickness, storm at sea, 1960s,
Alternative Titles:
L'Albatross - Oltre la tempesta
Corazón de héroes
화이트 스콜
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