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Framed for the murder of her husband, Libby Parsons survives the long years in prison with two burning desires sustaining her -- finding her son and solving the mystery that destroyed her once-happy life. Standing between her and her quest; however, is her parole officer, Travis Lehman. Libby poses a challenge to the cynical officer, one that forces him to face up to his own failings while pitting him against his superiors and law enforcement colleagues.

Title:Double Jeopardy
Release Date:1999-09-24
Production Countries:Germany, United States of America,
Production Co.:Paramount MFP Munich Film Partners GmbH & Company I. Produktions KG
Genres:Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Drama,
Casts:Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones, Bruce Greenwood, Annabeth Gish, Benjamin Weir, Jay Brazeau, Roma Maffia, Davenia McFadden, Gillian Barber, Michael Gaston, John Maclaren, Ed Evanko, Bruce Campbell, Brennan Elliott, Angela Schneider, Tom McBeath, David Jacox, Betsy Brantley, Woody Jeffreys, French Tickner, Maria Bitamba, Ben Bode, Robin J. Kelley, Dana Still, Gabrielle Rose, Daniel Lapaine, Maria Herrera, Babs Chula, Enuka Okuma, Peter Kimmerly, George Gordon, David Fredericks, Anna Hagan, Fulvio Cecere, Tracy Vilar, Addison Ridge, Crystal Verge, Joy Coghill, Bernard Cuffling, Barth C. Phillips, Jerome Alexander, Reginald Ringo, George Hunter, Ingrid Torrance, Roger Cross, Pamela Perry, Tim McDermott, Keegan Connor Tracy, Dave Hager, Jason Douglas, Jeannie Grelier Church, Austin B. Church, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Joe Simon, Charlie Detraz, Susan LeCourt-Barbe, Ramona Tyler, C. Barrett Downing, Michelle Stafford, Greg DiLeo, Lance Spellerberg, George Touliatos, Deryl Hayes, Brent Woolsey, Eliza Norbury, Roland Bob Harris, George Montgomery II, Lossen Chambers, Harold Evans, Thomas M. Mathews, Gordon Starling Jr., Spencer Treat Clark, Rondel Reynoldson, Nicolas Roye, John Kapelos, Desmond Campbell,
Plot Keywords:sailboat, sailing trip, new orleans, louisiana, ferry boat, court case, women's prison, ex-cop, parole board, wrongful imprisonment, courtroom, ex-con, lost at sea, parolee, mother child separation, revenge plot, double jeopardy, probation officer, murder suspect, prison life, determination, halfway house, paintings, convicted murderer, revenge thriller, best friends, puget sound, whidbey island, mother looking for child,
Alternative Titles:
Двойной просчёт
Doble traición
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