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Martin Brundle, born of the human/fly, is adopted by his father's place of employment (Bartok Inc.) while the employees simply wait for his mutant chromosomes to come out of their dormant state.

Title:The Fly II
Release Date:1989-02-10
Production Countries:Canada, United States of America,
Production Co.:Brooksfilms 20th Century Fox
Genres:Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller,
Casts:Eric Stoltz, Daphne Zuniga, Lee Richardson, John Getz, Frank C. Turner, Ann Marie Lee, Garry Chalk, Saffron Henderson, Harley Cross, Matthew Moore, Rob Roy, Andrew Rhodes, Pat Bermel, William S. Taylor, Jerry Wasserman, Robert Metcalfe, Garwin Sanford, Bruce Harwood, Lorena Gale, Bill Dow, Duncan Fraser, Ken Camroux-Taylor, Tom Heaton,
Plot Keywords:monster, experiment, industrialist, mutation, transformation, sequel, gore, fly (insect), animal horror,
Alternative Titles:
La Mosca 2
The Fly 2
La mosca II
Kärpänen II
Kärpänen 2
The Fly 2
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