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A teenage orphan fights against the Red Army at the end of WWII and in the aftermath is 'adopted' by a Commissar. Years later he is sent to London during the Cold war to work for the KGB, where he questions his life.

Title:Joy Division
Release Date:2006-11-17
Production Countries:United Kingdom,
Production Co.:Kingsway Films
Casts:Ed Stoppard, Tom Schilling, Bernadette Heerwagen, Bernard Hill, Lea Mornar, Sean Chapman, Thomas Darchinger, Levente Törköly, Sybille Gebhardt, Bernard Kay, Michelle Gayle, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Marlon Kittel, Gary Jones, Ricci Harnett, Ram John Holder, Teri Földi, Kincsõ Pethõ, Suzanne von Borsody, Robert Sidaway,
Plot Keywords:world war ii, mission of murder, kgb, soldier,
Alternative Titles:
Der Agent - Zwischen gut und böse
Der Feind im Inneren
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